Lab of Neuroimmunology and CNS barriers

POSTECH 신경면역학 및 뇌신경장벽 연구실

浦項工大 神經免疫學腦神經障壁 硏究室

About us

We aim to define the cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune tolerance and dysregulation in the CNS (brain and retina) and its barriers (meninges, choroidal plexus, BBB/BRB, RPE/choroid, and CSF) during homeostasis and pathologies, and to translate the findings to find new therapies for CNS autoimmunity and neuroinflammation (multiple sclerosis and uveitis).

Recent news

2022-08-31 We have been awarded a mid-career research program from NRF (2022-2025).

2022-08-09 We opened our lab website -

2022-06-01 Jongshin was appointed as an assistant professor at POSTECH.

We are hiring new postdocs, graduate students, and technicians. See more details here.