Lab of Neuroimmunology and CNS barriers

POSTECH  신경면역학 및 뇌신경장벽 연구실

浦項工大  神經免疫學腦神經障壁 硏究室

About us

We aim to define the cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune regulation and neuro-immuno-vascular interactions in the CNS (brain and retina) and its barriers (meninges, choroidal plexus, BBB/BRB, RPE/choroid, and CSF) during homeostasis and pathologies, and to translate the findings to find new therapies for CNS autoimmunity, inflammation, and infections.

Recent news

2024-02-05 A-Hyeon and Kyeongtaek joined our lab. Welcome!

2023-08-01 Jimin joined our group. Welcome!

2023-07-29 We have been awarded a K-Medi Young Physician-Scientist Program from KHIDI (2023-2024).

2023-03-01 Jae and Suhyun joined our group. Welcome!

2022-08-31 We have been awarded a Mid-Career Research Program from NRF (2022-2025).

We are hiring new postdocs, graduate students, and technicians. See more details here